This year’s Christmas message of peace …

…comes from a Twitter poster named Sacha Risma, who—of course—writes everything anonymously, thereby displaying the guts and decency of a lizard.

From his Twitter page: So will we see an HBT post on Jeff Pearlman being a whiny attention whore cunt.

Ha. This guy actually posted a comment on my wall, asking for a refund for The Bad Guys Won. And, like on his Twitter account, he uses a fake name. Which, of course, is how these guys work. The internet was invented for clowns like “Sacha,” because they can sit in their basements and fire off nasty comments without having to back anything up.

Hence, this offer to “Sacha.” Provide your real name and e-mail address, and I’ll consider refunding the dough …

* An important note: I’ve got no beef with people slamming me. I’ll even take being called a cunt—the most overrated “bad” word of all time. It’s the anonymity that irks me.

5 thoughts on “This year’s Christmas message of peace …”

  1. Michael (With a mustache disguise)

    Read ‘Boys Will Be Boys’ a few months ago because my cousin is a huge Cowboys fan. Fantastic read as well as many conversation starters and laughs with him.

    Appreciate it.

  2. Some, like me, use anonymity because of a lack of trust in our fellow man.
    I spent 25 years on the road. When divorced I would often be gone for 2-6 weeks.
    My first name, John is common. My last name not so much.
    Often in a forum I would comment I was going to Spokane for a couple of weeks, or California for a month.
    The last thing I wanted was some so called “friend” deciding to pay my home a visit while I was gone.
    Maybe I am too paranoid, but I tried to teach my kids the same thing.
    That 12 yr old internet girl in Kansas might actually be a 45 year old sicko from the other side of town.
    I don’t travel as much any more, though I was in Seattle for a few days a couple weeks ago. Still I prefer it that way.

    And I don’t see that it matters.

  3. I think it fine to have a handle when it comes to using the internet for the reasons you mentioned jmw. However, to hide behind the handle while taking cheap shots at people, spewing hate in comment sections (why do newspapers online even allow that- I guess it is that bad), or to simply be a jerk is where the problem lies.

    I think people should express THEMSELVES, not the views of “Sacha” or some other lame name.

    Whenever I find people being completely reprehensible on SF Gate- and I don’t abuse this often- I float a comment along the lines of “wouldn’t it be interesting if someone on this site actually had access to the identity of the people who posted here, and they collected it, and were thinking about waiting for a really bad day to track down the employers of the worst offenders….”

    It stops traffic dead for about an hour. One of the things that is great about Fight Club, that people don’t acknowledge, is that monitoring posts is, essentially, a service industry, and information is, like it or not, compiled.

    All those porn ads and the occassional virus don’t come out of nowhere.

  4. Chris, I would agree people shouldn’t take cheap shots anonymous or not.
    I try to be respectful, though not always understood.
    This time I used my initials, sort of a compromise.
    On forums I have often used something that was more descriptive of me as a person, Craterlake, Wood Duck, etc.
    I love nature.

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