The first draft of my book is due on January 1, and I’m losing my shit.

Was out working at the local diner until 3 am. Woke up this morning at 9, am now at Panera. My mind is cheese, my flow dead. So much to do, so little time. The worst part is ALL the good stuff that’ll be left on the table. Seriously, it gets me every time. You research and research and research, and some of the material gets you so insanely excited. Then, when you put everything together, many things don’t fit. To use the material would be to shoehorn it in, merely for the sake of it all.

I’ve never researched a book like this one. Not even close. The hours and time I’ve put in, well, looking back it blows my mind. Also, time has sort of all merged together. Called a guy yesterday to check some facts, said, “Hey, I interviewed you a few months ago.” He said, “Uh, that was more than a year ago.” He was right.

On with the show …

2 thoughts on “1.1.11”

  1. I know I am not at your level but I am facing the same stress. I am writig my first book, fiction, for a small publisher in Georgia. I have basically thrown away the last seven “drafts”. I am losing my mind too.

    Hoep you make your deadline. Merry New Year.


  2. Hopefully, whatever you cut that is close to you, you might be able to turn into a good article about your book- and if the book hits- add that shit back in.

    I hate having to re-buy books, but when they are good, I’m willing to do it- lookin’ forward to the update on the Mets book.

    Hell, I’ve bought like four versions of Bouton’s Ball Four.

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