What I’m missing

Some photos off of Facebook from Christmas—a holiday I’ve never had. Sigh.

PS: If only that whole don’t-believe-in-Jesus-as-the-savior thing didn’t get in the way …

8 thoughts on “What I’m missing”

  1. Even if you’re of a different religion (or non-religious, as I am) it’s not a bad time to be thankful to be with the ones you love. Celebrating life together is something that transcends religion, in my opinion. Happy holidays!

  2. As Ryan says, the main thing about Christmas is friends and family.
    You don’t have to reject that just because you decided not to check out Jesus.

    It is odd you won’t take a chance that global warming might be a hoax. (you know I’m on the man caused side)
    Yet you are willing to take the chance of losing eternal life because you don’t really want to know if Jesus was real.
    The real sad thing is you are the best hope for your wife and children and the people you care about.

    1. jmw, that’s ludicrous. i’d argue that, by not following allah, you are doing the EXACT same thing.

      and, were i to accept jesus so i could live eternally, that wouldn’t actually be accepting jesus, would it?

  3. As atheists, my wife and I still “celebrate” Christmas, since there really isn’t any “christ” in Christmas anymore. Plus, I like watching my kids open presents.

  4. Accepting Jesus doesn’t guarantee salvation.
    Point is have you ever read the entire bible with the desire to know the truth, whether it be in the bible or not?
    Have you ever sat down with the scripture and, from the heart prayed:
    “God I don’t know if you are real or not. I don’t know if Jesus was a con man wise man or the creator in the flesh or not. All I ask is for truth.”
    Then read, being open to where you are lead?
    I am not telling you to follow Jesus I am suggesting you search for truth. With an open mind.
    So much at stake and you reject it out right.

    1. Of course I have. Is that a serious question? But the assumption among too many Christians, JMW, is that if someone reads the Bible and comes away unconvinced, something’s wrong with him. Maybe, just maybe, it isn’t the truth.


  5. No, Jeff, that is not my stand.
    If you have read the whole bible.
    If you have truly sought him with all your heart, and all your mind.
    If you have still not found him, so be it.

    You have done all that could be asked.
    Not everyone is saved.
    I don’t know why some are, and some aren’t saved. It is God that does the saving, he chooses for his own purpose. He is Sovereign.

    The main problem I see is too many people approach the bible with preconceived ideas as to what it “has” to say. Usually we gather these ideas from the teachings of men.
    That is the hardest polluter to get out of our heads, the doctrines of men.
    It is very difficult to allow God to lead us.

  6. Totally agree with Nik and Ryan. I attended catholic school right through high school but rarely attend mass anymore. The peace, love and giving message is something you can celebrate regardless of your faith.

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