The Jets long fall

Considering all the bombast and arrogance from Hard Knocks, the New York Jets have sure fallen. Yesterday, after losing to a solid (but certainly not great) Chicago Bears team, New York’s players were celebrating their squeak into the playoffs. Yikes.

I get the happiness, and that’s cool. But these Jets are doomed, and yesterday’s game proved why. Rex Ryan’s reputation is built on defense, but the New York defense sorta, well, stinks. Two excellent corners, OK safeties (though no Jim Leonhard is a problem) and fantastic run linebackers. But, unless there’s a blitz, the Jets’ pass rush frightens no man. New York’s defensive line is filled up with, in baseball speak, a whole bunch of No. 4 starters. When Shaun Ellis is your go-to guy, well, it isn’t so good.

This would be OK, I suppose, if New York’s offense were dazzling. But it’s not. Mark Sanchez is still in that I-hope-he-plays-well-enough-not-t0-lose phase of his career, which means he can only carry a team every so often. Maybe that’ll work in the first-round game. But when it comes time to face the Pats, well, my team is dead.

PS: When I Googled Imaged “Shawn Ellis,” the above kid came up.

4 thoughts on “The Jets long fall”

    1. ha. i deserved that one. by the way, “steve” nice fake name and e-mail address. easy to call people dumbasses when you hide like a little wuss.

  1. I agree the defense is a problem, but the offense has looked good in consecutive road games in bad weather.

    Maybe the Jets won’t be the team to knock off the Pats this season (someone will), but Sanchez and Schottenheimer seem much more prepared for a cold weather road game than they did a few weeks ago. I like their chances.

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