Book highs. Book lows.

When you spend two years working on a book, there are many highs and many lows. Great interviews. Being blown off. Tracking down a key document. Losing a file. Meeting a deadline. Forgetting about a deadline.

The first draft of the book I’ve been working on, Nuu: The Nuu Faaola Story, is due in two days, and I’ve been really manic. High, low, up, down, sleep, no sleep, hyped on coffee, low on water. I’ve never interviewed this many people (nearly 700), never read this many research materials (can’t even count). I’m overwhelmed, beaten down, empty.

Two days ago, my key editor sent me this text:

Just finished the book. aMAZING. Loved it. It will be a best seller. You did a great job!

I don’t know if it’ll actually be a best seller, but the message blew me away. My key editor is very smart, very dedicated, very particular, very keen, very, very, very wise.

I’m glad I married her.