Transparent political move

So it looks like the Republicans are going to start their House takeover with a bang. They plan on making an effort to immediately repeal the health care law, thereby wiping out one of Barack Obama’s major accomplishments.

If you follow politics at all (left, right, center, whatever), this is a pretty damn transparent move: Over the last 2 1/2 weeks of 2010, the president absolutely kicked the GOP’s ass, walking away with a handful of top-flight achievements that, in a wink’s time, made him go from Jimmy Carter to FDR. It was astonishing, and I honestly believe the Republicans don’t know what hit them.

Now they’re hitting back.

Is the health care bill a good one? Hard to say—since most of the provisions haven’t even kicked in yet. But if I’m a Democrat, I don’t cower from this one. I paint the Republicans as wicked, support-only-the-wealthiest monsters who have no interest in helping the nation’s poor and uninsured. I’d come up with the number of people who’d gain health coverage under the new law and tattoo it atop every Republican’s head. I’d trot out every sick kid I can find and make it clear that, once the Republicans repeal this law, they’re goners. I’d repeatedly, repeatedly, repeatedly mention that, during the George W. Bush administration, nothing was done about our nation’s horrific health care system. And why? Because if you’re wealthy, you’re either covered, or covered and employed by the companies making millions off of the old system.

The Democrats need to remind average citizens that health coverage in this nation blows (it truly does), and the Republicans have never lifted a finger to fix it.

Will the strategy work? Maybe. But it sure beats cowering.

10 thoughts on “Transparent political move”

  1. The Republicans are making an issue of this because they think it will track well with voters (that remains to be seen). They know they have zero chance of actual repeal right now, since the Senate would never pass it, Obama would never sign such a bill if it miraculously got through Congress, and they don’t have the votes to overturn a veto. This is merely public drama that they can drag out in two years and show to the voters in their attempt to retake the White House and Senate. “See we tried to get rid of the evil Obamacare!” Hopefully voters are not fooled.

  2. Wouldn’t track well with me.
    Two of my four children (now adults) don’t have insurance. Both needed medical care in 2010.
    Like many young people starting out they don’t make much money.
    Guess who paid?
    My son has paid me back but my daughter owes me a few hundred.

    It is so stupid for the Republicans to oppose this – It Was Their Health Plan!

  3. “the health coverage in this nation blows”.?? WTF are you smokin? It’s the best in the world. You and your minions think making it shittier for everyone is better? Nobody read the effin’ bill before they passed it! Your right jmw, my kids and I should pay for you and your kids, after all, thats only fair.

  4. The national debt is at 14 trillion and counting and you dems are still think milking the cow for more is a good idea? How can you justify bankrupting the country so nobody has to actually be accountable for themselves? I spent a week in the hospital last year and I’ll be paying the bill for god knows how long, but I’ll pay it myself.

  5. Michael (With a mustache disguise)

    Doug: “the health coverage in this nation blows”.?? WTF are you smokin? It’s the best in the world”

    I hear people say this all the time!?!?!


    Sir, your an absolute idiot. Just sayin’

  6. America’s health care system is second only to Japan, Canada, Sweden, Great Britain… well…all of Europe. But you can thank your lucky stars we don’t live in Paraguay!

  7. And this health care bill is also supposed to reduce the deficit. You know what won’t reduce the deficit? Letting the Bush tax cuts continue for the upper 2 percent.

    I’m not going to fault Obama for doing that, because he needed to compromise in order to extend the tax cuts for all. But it’s hilarious (and sad) when Republicans pick and choose to whine about deficit,

  8. Doug,
    I have insurance. You aren’t paying for me.
    The two kids that don’t have coverage are 27 and 23. Recently the 23 year old lost her job. Fired when she injured her back. Doctor requested light duty for a couple weeks. Employer fired her because she wanted to work.
    She was working when she needed medical care I paid.
    The 27 year old has always worked but in the past 3 years 4 different employers have gone under.
    He was able to pay me back.

    Oh and Doug, you do pay. There are many that don’t pay their medical bills because they don’t have insurance. They walk out of hospitals and never pay.
    One reason why they end up in Emergency wards is because they can’t see a regular Doctor – No insurance so they can’t afford it.
    Now they really can’t afford the Emergency bill so YOU PAY!!
    If they had Insurance they could pay the deductible.

    The US does have decent medical care, it is no longer the best in the world.
    We are ranked #37

  9. “The national debt is at 14 trillion and counting and you dems are still think milking the cow for more is a good idea?”

    You’re right, I can’t believe that Obama ran up this much debt all by himself in the first two years of his presidency.

    In the beginning of 2001, there was a surplus that the previous administration left for the incoming one … wait a second, hold the phone … do you think that Obama has been president since 2001 and we just haven’t noticed it?

    There must be another reason besides that, right?

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