There is goodness in the world. Sometimes you have to look hard. But it really is there.

Earlier today I posted this video, which—if you haven’t watched it—is just staggering …

Toward the end, when he talks so honestly about drugs and alcohol and getting clean, well, it’s just heartbreaking. All I wanted was for someone to give him a chance. Any kind of chance.

Well, check this out: According to an MSNBC report, a morning show in Columbus, Ohio plans on giving Ted Williams a genuine job interview next week. Man, do I hope it works out. Stories like this one just do something to a person. They just do.

Along the upbeat lines, today I was at the gym when this commercial came on …

Corny? Yes. Goofy? A little. But also heartwarming and, in an odd way, valuable.

That said, I’m a cynic. And when I saw the spot was sponsored by Foundation for a Better Life, I assumed the group was some right-wing front raising money for conservative candidates. Indeed, the organization was founded by a conservative Evangelical Christian named Phillip Anschutz. And yes, the guy is a special kind of anus—has fought hard against gay rights and denied evolution. But, the Foundation for a Better Life (in and of itself) seems OK. Maybe I’m being fooled, but their commercials aren’t political, and they’ve starred people of both political sides.

Anyhow, happy happy, joy joy …

4 thoughts on “Goodness”

  1. Pointing to the sins of others, as in “Gays” is certainly wrong.
    So is teaching the belief that evolution is “fact” in our schools.
    Evolution is not fact it is a system of beliefs.
    If you tell children it is true enough times they will believe it.
    You are a victim of the system.

  2. I’m a HS biology teacher and, as is the case with most science teachers, teach evolution as a scientific theory, NOT a “fact”. Most people misunderstand the use of the word “theory”, however. Evolution, as a theory, is supported by an extraordinary mountain of evidence.

  3. Evolution is taught as theory. The implication, however, is evolution is a fact.

    Teaching with words like, “this animal developed extra ears after centuries of living in a cave”, imprints on the mind of the child that it is fact. (I made up the extra ear part but you get the picture).

    One of the most absurd excuses evolution has come up with is the concept of convergent evolution.
    That sorry excuse is needed to explain how two species that cannot possibly be related evolved the same tools. Such as the human and octopus eye.

    Being from Oregon I suppose I could find it interesting that both the Duck and the Beaver evolved from the Duck Billed Platypus.

    When looking at human DNA from isolated societies suck as Lapland, Pygmy, and Aborigine, there was found to be no significant difference so either man quit evolving or has never evolved.

    Then there are the Fresh Water Seals of Lake Baikal, complete with four more pints of blood.
    Apparently they crawled to the lake when inland seas were intact.

    Evolution is taught as FACT. Only the words are changed to “theory”.
    Unless you teach, with the same intensity, opposing theories “fact” is assumed.

  4. It’s now being reported that the Cleveland Cavaliers may offer Ted Williams a PA job. He’d be perfect for that. Go Cavs!

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