Why is Lawrence O’Donnell acting like this?

Was watching MSNBC at the gym tonight when Lawrence O’Donnell‘s show came on.

Now, as a left, left, left Democrat, you’d think I love Lawrence O’Donnell, a longtime party operative who worked with Bill Clinton and later was involved in the TV series, The West Wing. Yet, to me, O’Donnell is the liberal Sean Hannity. And I hate Sean Hannity. All the man does is yell. And demean. And scorn. He’s especially terrible when a Republican is dumb enough to appear as a guest. Tonight’s show featured Congressman Allen West, a freshman GOP congressman and a person who recently called President Obama “the dumbest person walking around right now.” Now, West is—relatively speaking—small potatoes. He’s a far-right fringe candidate who won on the strength of the Tea Party. He’s a small fish. A guppie. He also deserved some props for appearing on O’Donnell’s show.

Well, O’Donnell just killed the guy. But not in an intellectual way. He demeaned him repeatedly, mocked him ruthlessly and, in my opinion, disregared the fact that West has a lengthy military career that deserves some respect.

That’s not how you change opinions and it’s not how you gain viewers.

It’s how you marginalize yourself.

3 thoughts on “Why is Lawrence O’Donnell acting like this?”

  1. Excellent points about O’Donnell. It all goes back to lesson we’re taught as kids: “don’t sink down to their level.”

    O’Donnell is a bright and accomplished guy, and while I can understand his outrage at the lack of respect that Rep. West displayed, it’s far better to stay above the fray.

    In fact, a lot of the vitriol that gets tossed around can easily be addressed by the phrases we heard from our parents: “Two wrongs don’t make a right”, etc.

  2. O’Donnell doesn’t just act like this with Republicans, he does it with Democrats as well. He’s a smart guy, a self-proclaimed “practical socialist” with some good points but he can be a terrible bully sometimes. He got in a shouting match with Glenn Greenwald and browbeat now-ex progressive Rep. Alan Grayson in such a demeaning and off-putting way that O’Donnell apologized to Grayson on air the next night.

  3. My husband and I have really tried to give this show a fair chance, but we both find it totally painful to watch. O’Donnell is ridiculously dramatic, waaaaaayyyyyy above his company – so obvious that he thinks he is smarter than everyone else, and as Ryan mentioned, sometime just a terrible bully. His behavior just makes him look stupid and petty. Please make it stop! In our time zone we unfortunately get his show twice and that puts Chris Matthews either too early to watch or too late. ARGH! I hate to wish him ill, but I sure hope they cancel this show…..

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