Baruch College—terrible or understandable?

My sister-in-law is a junior at Baruch College. She took four courses last semester, including Accounting.

On the day of the Accounting final, she called our house in a panic. “I’m really sick,” she said. “I’ve been throwing up all morning. Should I go? Shouldn’t I go?”

She went.

In the middle of taking the exam, she began vomiting in the classroom. Let me repeat: Vomiting in the classroom.

She went home and didn’t complete the test. A few days later she called her teacher to ask if she can take a makeup.

“You have to wait until the end of next semester,” she was told.


“No exceptions.”

My sister-in-law called the dean, various other offices, etc. All said the same—she’d have to wait.

Maybe I’m naive, but a student has to wait six months, well after the material has left her brain … because she vomited and had to leave the classroom? Where’s the compassion? The decency?

Sickens me.