Baruch College—terrible or understandable?

My sister-in-law is a junior at Baruch College. She took four courses last semester, including Accounting.

On the day of the Accounting final, she called our house in a panic. “I’m really sick,” she said. “I’ve been throwing up all morning. Should I go? Shouldn’t I go?”

She went.

In the middle of taking the exam, she began vomiting in the classroom. Let me repeat: Vomiting in the classroom.

She went home and didn’t complete the test. A few days later she called her teacher to ask if she can take a makeup.

“You have to wait until the end of next semester,” she was told.


“No exceptions.”

My sister-in-law called the dean, various other offices, etc. All said the same—she’d have to wait.

Maybe I’m naive, but a student has to wait six months, well after the material has left her brain … because she vomited and had to leave the classroom? Where’s the compassion? The decency?

Sickens me.

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  1. this exact same scenario happened to a friend of mine at Berkeley, except she didnt go to class sick she just missed her finals instead and then had to take them at the end of the next semester.

    basically, everyone is worried that her classmates will give her information (not necessarily answers) that will give her an advantage over the other students, in addition to the extra time she has to study. either that or the professor would have to create another exam of the exact same difficulty, which wouldnt be easy, on top of the fact that im sure it takes a professor a LOT of time to create the final in the first place.

    also, in this day and age, everyone is scared of cheating and basically is skeptical of everything, so in the eyes of the faculty what’s to keep students from faking sicknesses and then getting extra days to study.

    to say they have no compassion or decency i think is unfair, bc they also could have just denied her the chance to retake it at all. while is sucks for your sister in law, its definitely understandable on the part of the school.

  2. Kyle,
    Completely understandable and never once did not understand. The issue is that one- she had an extra test two- I had gotten other finals moved to a later date. The school as a whole should have one rule– if you miss an exam for any class then you can’t take it until next semester but to have only one or two classes that go by a rule while the other 50 or somewhat classes do not that is the bull shit. Also I had received a doctor’s note saying I had been seen for a number of days—so I didn’t just say I was sick and didn’t have proof to back it up. Most schools will allow you to make up an exam with proper documentation.

    Jeff- it was economics not accounting just for the record.

  3. The Sister-in-law,
    You should stop being a big baby. Grow up! College is not high school. It is a place of HIGHER EDUCATION. Scores of students are legitimately sick and excused from exams all the time. Therefore, if you were so terribly ill with a doctor’s note and had to ask family “Should I go, should I go?” then you obviously had the option to keep you sick body home. However, it seems as though you went to class, SAW THE EXAM, and then vomited (maybe perfect timing because you knew you would fail). Do not blame your school. Grow up and take some responsibility because after school will come employment. Trust me, you employer will not baby you as your family does.

  4. First: Sister-in-law, please realize that there are too many random (and anonymous) idiots on the internet, so I hope you don’t see SaturnisKing’s comment and get upset. Ignore the stupidity.

    Second, is there any way you could have e-mailed or called the professor that day instead of waiting a few days? That seems to be the only thing you may have done wrong here.

    It is pretty unreasonable of the college, but I guess that’s just life as a student. I once accidentally turned in the incorrect (incomplete) version of a paper I busted my ass on to finish, and the professor refused to accept the correct version. I got stuck with a C instead of an A in the class. I’m still pissed about that.

  5. Steve,
    Thank you but I don’t let stupidity get to me; SaturnisKing can think what ever he wants. But to answer your question I did email my professor when I had gotten home form the exam. My point was stating that as a school a rule should or should not be in effect for all who attend.

  6. Man, it is so hard not to feed the troll right now. Sometimes I get down on myself for being cold or inconsiderate but then someone like SaturnisKing comes along and reminds me I’m not that bad after all.

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