Donald Trump for President

So there’s some rumors going around that Donald Trump might run for president in 2012.

Two words: No. Way.

Not all that long ago, Mike Ditka was gaining momentum as a potential Senate candidate out of Illinois. The GOP wanted him, the media was hopeful, etc. Ditka, however, never ran. I’ve been told this was with good reason—too many skeletons. Not necessarily anything horrible, but when you live a life like Ditka has, especially in the world of sports, there are things you don’t want others to discuss. His proximity to steroids, to gambling … stuff like that.

Trump is in the same exact position. Sure, it’s fun—the speculation and all. But this is a man—whose career has been largely in real estate—who DOES NOT want his life’s inner-workings released. No way in hell. I don’t know much about the man, but he alone ruined the USFL with greed and arrogance. And that was a mere sliver.

Trump for President? Not gonna happen.

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  1. Jeff:
    Hard time reading all of your blog. Some of the text on the right is blocked out by the blue rail touting your books. I”ve got screen blown up fullsize and still have this problem.


  2. I thought I remembered hearing somewhere that Mike Ditka was in danger of losing his lucrative endorsement deals if he ran for public office.

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