We missed the winter’s first huge blizzard two weeks back, so today was my first go at shoveling. Wasn’t so bad, but as I was going up and down the driveway I had a thought: Metal.

I want a metal driveway. With heated springs beneath. When the driveway is covered in snow and/or ice, you flick on the switch to, oh, 80 degrees and watch the sludge melt into water. You install a drain, so the runoff all heads down a slope and out into the ocean …

This surely exists. And I imagine 80 degrees would be a major fire hazard.

But, dammit, I hate shoveling.

PS: Amazing. One Google search—and here it is.

8 thoughts on “Shoveling”

  1. It truly is amazing.

    I spent a few days in March, 2008 in Holland, Michigan for the women’s DIII basketball national championships. Holland has a heating system installed under many of their roads/sidewalks/Hope College campus.

    The afternoon of the semi-finals they must have received 14 inches of heavy, wet snow. By 8:00 that night when we went with the team to eat the streets and sidewalks were clear, there were no problems driving and there were no big piles of snow.

    I’ve lusted for such a system on my driveway in Iowa many a cold winter day since!

  2. Metal would not do in the summer where it would attract heat. You absolutely would not be able to walk barefoot on it. Go for heating underneath the surface perhaps but not a metal surface.

  3. I worked for a moving company when I was in college, and I’ll never forget the house that had a heated driveway, heated tile, and heated toilet seats. I didn’t even need to go, but I sat down just to see how it would feel.

    It was delightful.

  4. I’ve never shovelled a driveway, porch or sidewalk in my life. Granted I live a spot in the midwest where we get maybe 2-3 major snows a year. But I’ve just never seen the need.

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