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… is on my Facebook friend (oddly), Robert Person. And his post-career job search …

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  1. Devil’s Advocate: mediocre pitcher, seems to be a nice guy, made a ton of poor decisions, squandered more money than most of us will see in a lifetime…… what qualifies this guy to get hired by a MLB team exactly?

  2. Well he does know how to play the game. That qualifies him to be hired. He is willing to do start out at the bottom of the totem pole. The poor monetary decisions don’t disqualify him. Plenty of athletes better than him have done that.

    Having said that it is hard to have sympathy for anyone that blows all their money. Jeff said in his column he made 6 million in 2002. Take away money for taxes and he probably walked away with couple of million. Probably not enough to retire on. But even putting money in CD’s or in the bank would have been better than making crappy investments and getting used by people. I don’t know if sports leagues give any financial training. If not they should. All the leagues do all sorts in intensive background searches on players they draft. You would think they could find some honest financial brokers to invest their money. Heck I would be willing to give them my mothers financial guy. He has done real well by her.

    SI ran an article last year about how many athletes go bankrupt. It should be required reading for incoming rookies.

  3. You always hear about the Troy Aikmans and the Joe DiMaggios after they retire. They can get jobs. It’s interesting, and a little disheartening to see guys like this: the middle of the road guys—what befalls them after the turn out the lights.

  4. Chris makes a great point. Why is he more qualified than the kid coming out of grad school with a business degree or other ball players with ambitions to work in a front office? Sounds like he has fallen on hard times, but it’s not the responsibility of current GM’s to hire him. Maybe he should consider an internship or something.

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