Nobody thought we’d do this

I forgot to mention this the other night, and wanted to.

After the Jets beat the Colts, LaDainian Tomlinson was interviewed by one of the sideline heads. He was very happy, and said something like, “Nobody thought we’d do this.”

Uh … really?

A lot of people thought the Colts would beat the Jets. A lot of people thought the Jets would beat the Colts. This was hardly a monumental upset. But that’s the sort of junk cliche answer athletes resort to, and the sort of junk cliche answer sideline heads nod at, without follow up. Of course people thought you’d do this—you beat a team overwhelmed by injuries that struggled throughout the season. Jets over Colts 2011 was hardly Jets over Colts Super Bowl III.

Not even close.

4 thoughts on “Nobody thought we’d do this”

  1. I agree that athletes give such cliched answers you’d swear they were on a teleprompter behind the interviewer. That said, give the guy a break, because A. That’s all he knows to say. He’s not a rhodes scholar who is going to give you a psychological dissertation on the game. And B. How many times last week do you think Rexy got his team together and said, “Nobody thinks we can do this!!” True or not, it probably got shoved down the players throats all week, if not all season. Plus, sideline interviews are meant to be comically unnecessary and naseously redundant.

  2. Now then: Seattle beating the defending champs?
    That is what nobody expected.

    Meanwhile Oregon and Auburn looks to be a lot of fun…if people can take their eyes away from the alleged controversy and watch them play.
    Most of the kids playing are good, honest, hardworking kids.
    Let them have fun.

  3. Now, if the Jets pull this off *next* week, they can say that.

    I certainly don’t expect them to win. I don’t expect them to come within 2 touchdowns.

    Of course, I’m a Patriots fan 🙂

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