God was with us

Just heard Auburn coach Gene Chizik say, “God was with us” after beating Oregon for the national title.

Really, Gene, it was just a football game. If there is a God, she doesn’t give a shit.

5 thoughts on “God was with us”

  1. Heh, God…All she does is eat chicken & watermelons all day. She also likes Kool-Aid. She likes the NFL, but not college football. I only know because I asked her.

  2. I heard Auburn keeps a scholarship open every year for God. That way he is always on their side. Also, Cam Newton stated that he was God’s “instrument”..or something to that effect. I just thought he was an “instrument” to line his fathers pockets..did God know about that? And not tell Cam? They are teamates for crying out loud. Craziness.

  3. Thought about this.
    God made the field squishy and slippery slowing down Oregon’s speed.
    God called a lot of TV timeouts allowing Auburn’s Defense to rest thus eliminating Oregon’s main weapon wearing down the defense with a no huddle offense.
    Yep no doubt about it God WAS with Auburn.

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