Giffords: V

In the aftermath of the Arizona shooting, we’ve gone back and forth about the power of words, and whether the mumblings and utterances of politicians can lead people to commit violent acts. If you believe Sarah Palin’s moronic Wednesday statement, the answer is—No. Words are words and acts are acts, and they have nothing to do with one another (Which, of course, leads one to ask: If that’s so, what was so bad about Barack Obama knowing the alleged terrorist dude … hell, can’t even remember his name anymore)

I, however, think it’s obvious—and has been obvious throughout history—that leaders lead, followers follow, and those leaders who lead wrongly can bring about terrible results.

Watch the above video. What do you think?

7 thoughts on “Giffords: V”

  1. Jared Lee Loughner was a mentally disturbed individual with a twisted mind.
    He doesn’t appear to be in any way attached to any kind of hate or political group.
    The hate came from his own mind, he twisted and distorted reality.
    My guess is drug abuse. Repeat – Guess.
    What I am hearing is people from the left and the right making this into something bigger than it is, giving fame and publicity where it doesn’t belong.
    All that can come from this is copy cat wacko’s that may have an agenda.
    I wish everyone would quit hypothesizing and searching for answers from what may very well be a totally insane mind.

  2. jmw: does the right wing send out an email blast telling all of its registered repubs to say the SAME thing over and over like a goddam automaton?

    a right wing guy blaming it on drugs. what a FUCKING surprise. yes, lets keep criminalizing marijuana and eventually the blame will go to the mexican cartels. lets not blame anyone thats white, but try to associate the crime with some kind of dark skinned person.

    you can deny deny deny all you want, but its pretty damn transparent to everyone.

  3. Jason
    What makes you think I am a Right wing guy????????
    What I said was, “What I am hearing is people from the left and the right…”

    Left and the Right.
    Both sides are making this into something it is not.

    I don’t think a little pot is going to make someone go crazy. LSD, Magic mushrooms, and other Psychoactive drugs can cause psychosis.

    Which drugs have you been using?

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