Reality (poof) bites

Growing up in Mahopac, N.Y., I was always sorta warned against optimism by my mother, a substance abuse specialist who has seen countless “recovered” addicts inevitably fall back to the bottle/needle/line/whatever. I’d utter stuff like, “Dwight Gooden has really turned his life around!” to which Mom would reply, “I hope so—but I’m skeptical.”

Nine out of 10 times she was right.

I haven’t spoken with Mom about Ted Williams, the homeless guy with the amazing voice, but I’m pretty sure—upon his discovery—she would have said the same thing. “Just watch out. Just watch out.”

According to a depressing AP report from earlier today, Williams is headed for rehab for alcohol and drug dependency after an appearance on Dr. Phil’s (awful, exploitative, pathetic) show. According to the report, it sounds as if Williams still drinks. There was also an incident at the Los Angeles hotel where Williams was staying a few nights ago—police came in response to an altercation between Williams and his daughter. According to the AP, family members said the dispute was over Williams resuming drinking.

As was the case with Josh Hamilton and other rehabbing celebrities I’ve written about, many out there will say, “Screw this guy. He’s given a second chance and he ruins it.” I get the reaction—I get it. But addiction is, genuinely, a disease. Insanely difficult to break and insanely difficult to handle when times are either very high or very low.

I feel for the guy.

PS: The above photo is me shoveling today. Feel free to mock the hat.

2 thoughts on “Reality (poof) bites”

  1. I agree with the addiction thing.
    I had an alcoholic roommate back in my 20’s. Watching him scared me enough to change my habits.
    When we went out to the bars I would drink a couple of beers then water. By switching back and forth I think I saved myself from a potential problem.
    He couldn’t stop.

    My Uncle died late December. He was on oxygen, couldn’t stop smoking. He was my mothers youngest brother. They had a cousin that had a lung removed, she couldn’t quit smoking either.

    I’m sure my family isn’t much different than most.
    Some don’t have obvious addictions, others are hopelessly addicted.

    I really hope Williams can beat his, he needs support not criticism.

  2. I don’t know why people expected anything different. I’m just glad the trip to rehab happened NOW and not, say, six months from now when he could lose a lot more than he has suddenly found himself with. I see it as a part of the new path and hope it continues in a positive direction for him.

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