Today’s column …

… is on—surprise, surprise—the Jets.

Stop. Talking.

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  1. Yep, you’re both right. Because Jeff wrote his column from a fan’s perspective, and Rosenberg from a sportswriter’s. Of COURSE sportswriters love Rex: he gives them quotes. He’s “good copy”. Hell, this is half of the animosity towards Belichick: he’s a lousy interview who hates sportswriters. That’s half the reason Spygate got overblown by a factor of about 10: all the sportswriters who hate Belichick pumped the stupid thing up like a balloon.

    However, yes, if I were a Jets fan, I would also want them to STFU. (I’m a Patriots fan, so I’d rather they keep flapping their gums!)

    One of the things about living in a city (Boston) with lots of long-time sportswriters with loud voices is some of them turn into a parody of themselves. They stopped liking the sports they cover a long time ago, and now it’s All About Them. For every long-time Boston scribe that never lost his mojo (like Bob Ryan) there are two that have (like Dan Shaughnessy and Ron Borges). So, yeah, if you follow sports in Boston, you’re well aware of the “I’m a Sportswriter, it’s all about me!” phenomenon.

    It seems to have bitten Rosenberg.

  2. Bart Scott on Wes Welker’s comments: “His days in a uniform will be numbered.”

    I get that the Jets take after their coach (and so do the Ravens defense still, particularly in Terrell Suggs) and that Ryan inspires loyalty. But everything about them tells me that they’re immature, love to dish out trash talk, but can’t take it.

    You call out Tom Brady all offseason, including his supermodel wife, threaten to break his jaw (Rob Turner before week 2) and then you act shocked when he rubs it in your face when he’s kicking your ass? It didn’t get noticed by anyone really, but Brady was singling out Rob Turner in particular after scoring a TD just like he did with the Steelers’ Anthony Smith after he guaranteed victory.

    Welker’s comments were hilarious though, especially the ‘foot soldiers’ line that he somehow fit in there. When you call Brady an ‘asshole’ and say you’re going to kick his receivers asses, how can you get upset over that?

  3. I would have to say the Jet’s, to a man, have been classless in their comments.
    Scott being a prime example. NFL says stop it and the guy can’t stop it.
    They are a reflection of their franchise.
    Welker made comments too. His were also a reflection of their franchise. Sneaky, and deceptive, done with style.
    Unfortunately I am a Seahawk fan. Anything coming from Seattle would be confusing and weak.
    Oh Well.

  4. Well, I’ll be damned…as a Pats fan, I have to say they backed it up.

    Now the Pats should pull a Steelers or 2001-2004 Patriots and go out and get a good defense, pass rush, DE’s. 2 straight years with the worst 3rd down defense in the league statistically.

    They’re wasting the prime of an all-time great (Colts fans have to feel the same way). A good offense will only get you so far.

  5. On second thought……
    Jeff; could there be a comparison to be made between the Jets and Muhammed Ali? Trash talk as an element of psychological warfare? Just sayin’….

  6. Jeff – When can i expect the post where you eat crow about this team and give Rex his due? I want to plan my day around it tomorrow

  7. Hmm, maybe the the talking did get to the Pats. Even TB admitted he wanted to beat the Jets just to shut them up. Could it be that it was a little more than just ego? His defensive strategy was unbelievable and confused a hall of fame QB. Give Rex his due. 2 AFC championship games in 2 years with a young QB

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