Happy Anniversary, Earlie!

Today, January 19, 2011, is my 9th wedding anniversay. I know everyone says this sort of thing, but I’m at a loss how nearly a decade has passed. It truly seems like two or three years ago that we actually got married. Time—so weird.

I digress. Though it’s cliche to say such things about one’s wife, I am 100 percent sincere here: I have lived a great life. A career I love, kids I cherish, parents who couldn’t have been better. But when I asked Catherine to marry me, well, it was my finest moment.

There are good people and great people and amazing people, but I’m married to an exceptional person. Enormous heart. Unlimited empathy. Has taught me more about giving than I ever knew. A mother unsurpassed by any other mother. As loyal a sister as there is. Tremendous with advice and kind words. Will do you a favor and never look for gratitude. Loves having people around. Just the best human being I know … and she married me!? Lame ol’ me!?

Nine years down, and this still blows my mind.

Happy anniversary, Earlie. You’re the Queen of Good.