No talking

So here’s something infuriating: The University of Delaware kills it’s men’s track and cross country programs, then sends an e-mail to all the athletes insisting they don’t speak to the media.

A. Who is the AD to order such a thing?

B. Why shouldn’t they speak? Their hearts have been broken, their program has been stolen …


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  1. complete bullshit. they’re not varsity athletes anymore so why can’t the students talk to whomever they like? should be pretty easy to get in touch w/them – no need to go through UD athletics.

  2. Complete Bullshit is right! As a former University of Delaware Athlete today I am embarassed to say that I am an alumni of Delaware. Bernard Muir cutting the Mens Cross Country and Track and Field sends a clear message to our young high school athletes, If you don’t play Football, Baseball, or Basketball your sport is not important to us. It is clear that through Muir’s bullshit this is a strategic move to allow more money for the Football team and its already inflated budget.

    I would like to thank University of Delaware and Bernard Muir for saving me hundreds of dollars a year that will no longer be donated to the school and its athletic program!

  3. Was there an implicit “Or else”? Like, you get to keep your scholarship for the time being, unless you talk to the media, in which case we yank it? Isn’t that extortion?

  4. That freedom of speech thing is way too overrated. Ya right.

    I’d start talking and never shut up.
    I do wonder whatever happened to the interest in those sports.
    Here in Eugene they are still big, that’s why Eugene is known as Track Town USA.
    Elsewhere – Nuttin.

    Go to and under other sports you have listed, Poker, Lacross, Cricket, etc. No Track and Field or Cross Country.
    Poker a sport?

    SI does have Track and Field.

    Sporting News, just the basics like NASCAR.

  5. Sportswriting Refugee

    Crap like that – having to go through media relations flaks to talk to 19-year-old kids who run and jump – is one of the primary reasons I don’t practice sports journalism any more.

  6. I’ve got a free box of drinks and t-shirt of 666 Energy Drink for all University of Delaware Cross Country runners. Please email me at
    I’ve been to Newark DE when I was doing some consulting work for a company there. It’s a really nice campus and place to train. I feel really bad about you losing the program. Please do not quit your running.

  7. Is this a Title 9 decision?

    Not enough women in sports at UD, so something the men participate in has to be cut to get the numbers to match the government’s requirements?

    Otherwise, why?

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