Miss America

So for reasons I can’t really explain, I was watching The View this morning while working out at the gym. The topic of Miss America came up, and Joy Behar—the liberal (good) and obnoxious (bad) co-host went up on the swimsuit competition, saying it’s sexist and demeaning and terrible and wrong.

Joy, by the way, worked as one of the pagent’s judges.

When confronted on this slight contradiction, Joy weebled and wobbled. She only agreed to serve so she could complain. She has always made it clear she hates swimsuits. Blah, blah, blah.

Personally speaking, I hate the Miss America contest. It’s really boring, the women are—generally speaking—dim and even the swimsuit portion is lame and sucky. But if you’re gonna criticize something, you damn well better not be taking money from that very organization.

Oh, Joy.