The return of Van Halen

Well, Rolling Stone reports that Van Halen is preparing a new album—with David Lee Roth at head vocals.

Not 100 percent sure how I feel about this one. On the one hand, I’m an enormous fan of comebacks, as well as an enormous fan of DLR-era Van Halen. I’m not one of those purists who rips on Sammy Hagar’s contributions—I actually think 5150 is a helluva album. But the band was never the same after Crazy Dave departed, just as Crazy Dave was never the same after exiting.

The thing is, these guys are old. O-l-d. Which is no biggie—except I’m not sure anyone will care. There’s barely an audience for contemporary CDs anymore. Will anyone out there really wanna plunk down $12 for Van Halen VII, or whatever the disc will be called? And what if it sucks? Very few old rockers maintain their mojo. Actually, it’s similar to old athletes. All the blather about relying on experience and knowing more now and being in incredible shape—it’s usually crap.

Hmmm … the jury’s out.

9 thoughts on “The return of Van Halen”

  1. The worst part about a new album will be when they insist on playing some of the new material on the sure to follow tour. Just give us the songs we know and love.

  2. Like The Stones and other classic rock staples, I can’t imagine Van Halen producing anything that anyone will particularly enjoy. I’d pay $100 to see them in concert, just to see the old stuff, but I doubt I’d pay a $1.49 for a single song off iTunes.

  3. I’m not militant Roth vs. Hagar, as I came to know VH during the Hagar days and I like them both.

    I saw them on their most recent tour in ’08, and Dave sounded better than I thought he would.

    I’ll no doubt download the album, and be grateful for another chance to see them on tour.

  4. I heard that the last reunion run they did with DLR was better than expected, so I’m very interested to hear what they come up with. However, I’m sure like with the case of Kiss “Psycho Circus” or that G&R “cover band” record with Axl expectations will be so high it will be tough.

    Only thing I’m really bummed about is no Mike Anthony. Although not an amazing player, he IS the background voice of VH and was solid. Someone needs to hold it down while Eddie wails and something about a 18 year ol Wolfie just doesn’t fit IMHO.

  5. Is this post alluding to Herschel Walker’s absurd declaration that he’s returning to the NFL? Considering that you devoted a major portion of your book detailing how bad Herschel was as an NFL player and how his trade essentially created the Cowboys’ dynasty, I’m surprised you didn’t put up a post on it.

  6. all you need to do is look at Best Buys inventory of Chinese Democracy of say 200 CD’s to know that old rock is dead on the music shelves…but I’m sure a lot of people would get out from under their Trans Ams on cinder blocks, and pluck down $200 to see VH live.

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