The return of Herschel Walker

As he nears his 50th birthday, Herschel Walker is talking about a possible return to the NFL.

Anyone who follows this stuff knows talk is mere talk, and Walker certainly is not going to actually take a crack at this.

That said, I sure hope he does.

As a commenter rightly posted earlier, my book on the Cowboys of the ’90s, Boys Will Be Boys, sort of paints Walker is an adequate light. The general take from other gridders was: Excellent 40 time and strength, but no shiftiness, ran straight ahead, lacked genuine football instincts. I’d agree with the take, with one major point—Walker was such an otherworldly physical marvel that his limitations were obscured. Back in the mid-80s, he belonged right there with Willie Gault and Bo Jackson as freaks of nature. Walker could do everything, and everything well.

Can a 50-year-old absorb regular NFL brutality? No way. But could Walker return kicks? I’ll say—yeah, I think he can. The guy remains in tip-top condition. Seriously, he looks exactly like he did in the late 1980s.

Anyhow, night, night …

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