Erin Andrews: II

A brilliant response from a friend of mine …
Once again Jeff, why don’t you exhibit the same type of disdain for ESPN’s Kenny Mayne? The same Kenny Mayne who was the first ESPN reporter to appear on Dancing With the Stars (two seasons prior to Erin). The same Kenny Mayne who was also …a finalist for the syndicated version of the game show Deal or No Deal. The same Kenny Mayne who appeared on the pilot episode of the CBS game show The Pilot of 10, which was later hosted by Drew Carey. The same Kenny Mayne who has endorsement deals with Top Flight Golf Balls (conflict of interest given that he is a sports anchor) and Progressive Insurance; Mayne has appeared in commercials for both products. The same Kenny Mayne who appeared in the 2010 film Kung Foo Magoo. Given all of this, why is Mayne not also considered a joke as it relates to journalistic integrity? Why isn’t he being taken to task for his questionable professionalism and performance? Seems to me, Mayne slid down the slippery slope between journalism and self promotion/entertainment a long time ago. But because he isn’t a hot chick in heels and a short skirt who is infiltrating the wide wide world of sports journalism he’s given a break? Puuuuuhlease.

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  1. I understand the sentiment, but is Kenny Mayne a sports anchor anymore? He’s pretty much the resident comedian at ESPN now, doing his Mayne Event bits from time to time. I can’t stand watching Sportscenter anymore, so I don’t really know, but anyone who has considered Kenny Mayne a journalist in the last five years is probably missing the point.

  2. Andrews is much more interested in being a celebrity.
    and she’s never been a good reporter.

    can you name one story she broke, or one interesting thing she’s ever said in one of those sideline “reports”?

    me either.

  3. We can spend all day questioning the credibility of ESPN entertainers. Why not question the credibility of ESPN as a journalistic entity? Because it is not. It is an entertainment network that owns, creates, and promotes programming, much of which is sports or sports-related. Many of its employees fancy themselves as journalists, yet the network determines how stories are covered and aired (Favre, Eldrick, BCS for example). The whole network is a gigantic conflict of interest.
    If you work for the world wide leader as a “journalist”, be sure to check your ethics at the front desk.

  4. Integrity is one thing. Yes, Mayne is a joke and is embracing the celebrity brought by his status at ESPN.

    The point of Jeff’s original post (and where I feel the above commenters as well as the responder Jeff quotes) are completely missing the mark is that Jeff was criticizing Andrews comments during the game ripping a competing apparel and footware company’s goods, presenting it as ‘news’, while all the while endorsing another apparel and footware company. Mayne hasn’t made those comments. Andrews has and did. Clear conflict of interest.

  5. No Kirk, Mayne hasn’t made comments similar to Erin, however, he still endorsed a brand of golf clubs at a time when he was a reporter and was covering golf for ESPN. The conflict is obvious. Furthermore, this is not the first time Jeff has criticized Erin. He took her to task when she first appeared on DWTS, well before she signed a contract with a shoe company. I had to bring Mayne up back then as an example because he appeared on DWTS two years prior to Erinand got no fack whatsoever. It was clear that he was not garnering the same type of negative attention as Andrews even though he was dabbling in the exact same kind of outside interests. And Chris, show me one HOT news story that Kenny Mayne has broken. His job as a SportsCenter anchor was mainly to be a teleprompter reader. Yes, he’s done some interviews here and there over the years, come up with a few great one liners in story packages. But let’s not act like he is some award winning, cutting edge journalist either. The whole point of my original post which Jeff blogged about here was to show that even when Mayne was a mainstay on ESPN he was not criticized as much as Andrews.

    1. In my own defense, I have taken Berman, Stu Scott, Dan Patrick to task MANY times through the years for similar violations. That I missed on Mayne is more than he’s off the radar.

  6. I know I’m a little late on this, but a couple things:

    I agree that Mayne is no longer a real sports journalist (was he ever?), and therefore, shouldn’t be lumped into the same category as Andrews. Apples and oranges.

    His endorsement of Top Flite really has nothing to do with professional golf or its coverage. Nobody on tour plays a friggin’ Rock Flite. Even brand new, they cost $10 for 20 balls. Only duffers play them. His coverage of golf (and I’ve never seen him seriously cover a tournament) can’t possibly be affected by his deal with TF.

    Jeff doesn’t need to take every journalist to task for violating the unspoken rules. His take on Andrews seems appropriate. Remember — he rides Skip Bayles pretty hard too, and he’s a man (I think).

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