Just a great song

I’ve taken much abuse throughout my life for my Hall & Oates fandom.

To answer your questions:

1. Yes, I love Hall & Oates.

2. Oates is the one who had the mustache.

3. No, they weren’t lovers.

4. Yes, they’re still around.

Hall & Oates certainly have their bad songs. Maneater, I can’t stand. Private Eyes—eh, no. Overall, however, the catalogue is loaded with really excellent music. Rich Girl, Sara Smile and She’s Gone are all-time greats, and whenever I see RS lists of the 100 or 500 Greatest Songs, I’m always disappointed to see none of the above. Hey, I’m a fan. It is what it is.

Best H&O song, however, is one very few people know. It’s called Wait For Me, and it came out eons ago. I’d suggest clicking on this link and scrolling down to the song—this version, with the dude from Train, is terrific. Maybe even better than the original.

OK—good night …

4 thoughts on “Just a great song”

  1. I know the guys in a great rock band, Drive-By Truckers, who are from the South but avoid a lot of Southern Rock stereotypes ’cause they’re so darn smart. Their dirty secret is that they’re Hall and Oates fans. And proud of it.

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