Snow, NPR and Idol

We have two cars. One is a Toyota Prius, which I love. One is a Chrysler Town and Country minivan, which I loathe on 8,000 different levels.

Neither vehicle can handle the snow.

At all.

It’s actually laughable, in a pathetic sort of way. I grew up in suburban New York, raised in the snow and well aware of its power over transportation. When I was a kid we had two Dodge Darts, and every winter Dad put snow chains on all eight tires. As the cars came and went, we always made sure to have at least one of two that was reliable in snow.

We have none.

Right now, as I write this, the blizard is pretty intense. If there is, by some chance, school tomorrow, odds are we won’t be able to get there alone.

Enough babbling—off to write.

PS: Appeared on NPR today. I did the interview while my son and his little friend had a playdate. I was pretty distracted.

PPS: I’ve gotta say (and I know this will kill any lingering cool morsels), the new American Idol judges are terrific. Seriously, a huge upgrade and a badly needed refreshing of the show. JLo is fabulous, and ol’ Stevie Tyler is as good as it gets. A tad creepy with the ladies, but engaging.

PPPS: Also did a show, House of Run, about Delaware’s demolition of its men’s track and XC programs.