My greatest movie disappointment …

… might have been Superman Returns, which came out nearly five years ago.

When I first saw the above trailer I thought, “Yes! Right! Yes!” I loved the idea of ignoring the final two Superman films (Superman III—dumb. Superman IV—unwatchable), which both sucked, as well as the utterly inane Supergirl flick. This looked to have it all: Authenticity, a proper continuation of the saga, Marlon Brando, better special effects, etc …

When the movie came out, I went with my dad. And, man, did I want to love it. I mean, I grew up a superhero junkie. Anything Superman, Flash, Batman, Wonder Twins … I just ate up. So I couldn’t wait for Superman Returns, which …

Stunk. Well, not stunk. But it was extremely dull, with wooden acting and a stupid plot.


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  1. Jeff,

    I wouldn’t hold my breath for the next great, big-budget Superman movie. Too many suits in the WB food chain would have to sign off on such an important property Meaning edgy ideas would get watered down, stupid ideas masquerading as edgy ideas (let’s let Clark and Lois have a kid out of wedlock!) get pushed through.

    Batman movies work because of great villains. Superman hasn’t been granted many worthy movie villains, thus, ho-hum.

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