Auray Gourmet—resolved

Exchanged e-mails with the owner of the Auray Gourmet.

To her credit, she was very responsive. So my complains have vanished. My goal isn’t to ruin restaurants—just to blog about my experiences.

Peace in the East.

18 thoughts on “Auray Gourmet—resolved”

  1. Seems a bit rude to let your kids just wander around a store, where they could knock stuff over and annoy other customers. Not that it excuses HER rudeness, but… yeah…

    1. it wasn’t really like that, lou. there was a big open space without tables. only obstacle was the occasional person picking up a coffee from the counter. but i hear ya.

  2. D: “Wow, gourmet, entrepreneur, and a child behavioral expert, how DO you find the time to do all that and be such an atomic bitch?”

    Of course lines such as that rarely spring to mind in the moment. Life isn’t an Aaron Sorkin film/show.

  3. what she said was straight up rude and unprofessional. but as a non-parent, nothing annoys me more than when parents let their kids run around amok at a restaurant or bookstore or what have you.

    if you had to say more than one thing to your kids, then it was probably annoying to hear your kids and your voice to everyone in the restaurant (and apparently, you said at least two things to your kids). Id be thinking in my head “are you fucking kidding me, letting your kids run around so adults could trip over them or something?”

    this is just my opinion though. you know im 99% in your corner with things, but with this one, i dont have your back.

  4. and id prob take that photo down. lots of people will see it and just assume its her you are talking about and not see your ps.

    you know people these days.

  5. As one of the owners of Auray Gourmet and the woman in your photo I am very sorry if our staff member offended you. We will speak to the individual and make sure that this does not happen again. We are very sorry if you did not have a good experience. Please accept our apology. We pride ourselves on making each customers experience a good one.

  6. Back in the 80’s Money magazine (I think) published a survey that said something like:
    If you have a good experience you might tell 3 people, if you have a bad experience you will tell 10.
    If you have a blog you just might tell a whole lot more.

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