My neighbor’s daughter lost her scarf today. I found it.

I’ve been asked by expecting parents about the keys to being a good father. I guess there’s responsibility, love, dedication, selflessness. On and on.

Number one, however, must be humor. Kids are odd and crazy creatures. If you can’t jump in and have some fun, you’re lost. Totally lost.

By the way, amazing day of sledding today. Went to a local golf course, where the hill was steep, long and fast. I’ll be as sore as a battered mule tomorrow morning, but midway through I was euphoric. Again, fun, joy, adventure. The best part of being a dad is having the excuse to still be a kid …

3 thoughts on “Gangster”

  1. If you have kids and you don’t have a sense of humor, you’re screwed.
    I have always been able to connect with children. For 25 years it was a major part of my occupation to help children have a good time.
    It gave me tremendous pleasure.

    That is one of the things that struck me early on about you, you enjoy children.

  2. Children? Sorry, I’m not much help there–I brought mine up in the old analog world.
    But grandchildren–ah, easy and wonderful. So hang in there and remember this formula for raising grandkids. Ready? Okay:
    1. Spoil them rottem.
    2. Send them home.

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