If you’re going to see one mediocre star-studded Grade-C romantic comedy this year …

… make it He’s Just Not That Into You, now appearing regularly on HBO.

The wife and I watched it last night, and had a very enjoyable time for at least eight minutes.

I won’t delve into the plot, save to say that the film is about a woman (played by the lovely Ginnifer Goodwin) who falls for every first date and doesn’t know how to read the signs when she’s being blown off. She turns to two co-workers, Jennifer Connelly and Jennifer Aniston, for advice, but neither one helps so much.

Wackiness ensues, as Connelly’s husband (Bradley Cooper) cheats on her with Scarlett Johansson (as I said to my wife last night—If you’re a married guy, and Scarlett Johansson takes you to a pool, disrobes and invites you to come in for aqua-sex, well, I’m not saying you do it. But it’d probably have to be considered), and Aniston breaks up with her seven-year boyfriend, Ben Affleck, because he doesn’t want to get married. We also have Drew Barrymore, working in real estate, falling for E. from Entourage, who is sorta dating Johansson (when she’s not having sex with Bradley Cooper. This is actually an interesting twist, because Entourage fans might remember E. hooking Vince up with S.J. at the end of season one).

To say this movie sucks is to understate suckitude. The plot is miserable, Goodwin is silly, most of the actors half showed up and the worst part—by far—are the camera decisions. Whenever a new famous actor/actress is introduced into the storyline, the camera focussed sharply on his/her face, then pulls back slowly—the ol’ “Look who it is!” trick that only applies to shit films.

This is a shit film.

4 thoughts on “If you’re going to see one mediocre star-studded Grade-C romantic comedy this year …”

  1. I agree with Rachel – when money’s invested on one thing, it’s not there for others. It’s like restaurants with great locations or views – the food stinks.

    Saw a documentary about screenwriters last night, and the thought occurred to me that Jeff Pearlman might make an excellent Hollywood writer for tv/film.

  2. At least your weren’t forced to take your wife/girlfriend to watch this movie in the theatres! i was forced and lived to tell about it.

  3. p.s. – the only reason i’m commenting on this (i read your blog regularly but occasionally post) is because I realized how awful this movie was while watching it.

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