Too funny

So I’m sitting in Cosi, and I get a call from Andrew at SNY. I’ve been trying to get Ron Darling on the phone for my Bad Guys Won! addition, and Andrew tells me he’s available now.

Cosi is crazy busy, and they play this really loud fusion jazz. Ron’s on his cell phone in Wyoming, I’m here in New York. I can barely hear him. So I pick up my laptop and jog to the Cosi bathroom, where the music doesn’t play. I sit down on the toilet (pants on—just a place to sit), don’t lock the door, laptop on my lap, cell to my ear. We’re talking, all’s good—woman opens the door to use the bathroom. “Oh my God!” she screams—and embarrassingly leaves.

I lock the door, continue my interview. Come out a few minutes later, she’s still waiting. I smile—she frowns.

Too funny.

Ron, by the way, is one of my favorites. Great announcer, nice guy.