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So I’ve decided, starting a few days ago, that I’m no longer posting any/all comments. If it’s offensive, if it’s really offensive, if it’s indecent and if you choose to use some garbage fake name, odds are you won’t last.

“Freedom of speech!” you yell—and I yell back, “My blog, my rules!” If you wanna get vicious, go to They barely monitor …

Much thanks. I’m a fan of dialogue and debate—but not anonymous ruthlessness (aka cowardice).



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  1. As a friendly word of warning, you should look into liability. With statements like this, you take responsibility for comments. So if someone libels someone in comments and you approve it, you may become party to the libel. When you have a minimalistic moderation policy that tends not to be the case.

    I don’t know what state you live or work in, but I’d recommend

  2. I think the line is if you EDIT the comments, you take responsibility. If you just delete them, no problem. You might want to write a “legal” graf somewhere — maybe stick it on your CONTACT JEFF page.

  3. Just to be clear:
    Jeff’s issues aren’t legal, they’re personal. I’m the target of his new policy. He wants to be able to post his opinion without substantiation or facts. I challenged his opinions and it hurt his feelings.

    Since his CNN article about how he stalks those who choose to post things anonymously, I’ve been messing with him here (anonymously, of course)- and he’s had enough. The new policy is Jeff’s version of closing his eyes, covering his ears and yelling, “I can’t here you” repeatedly.

    Jeff, you have proven my point from the beginning, thanks. I’ll leave you alone henceforth.

  4. Jeff – I do not blame you for your new policy. Guys like David are pissed because they do not have the platform or the following that you do. Keep doing what you do (many of us enjoy it). David, we will really miss you (sarcasm on).

  5. Instead of “messing with someone,” which is what a jerk on the Internet or a 5-year-old would do, I might suggest just being civil in your discussion and polite in your criticism. It may be hard, but you’ll have swallow your vitriol and instead present any complaints as an adult would.

    It’s really not hard. And I know Jeff from our days on the mean streets of Nashville where we would often recite Public Enemy lyrics for nickels: He doesn’t shy away from honest, thoughtful, criticism.

  6. “Since his CNN article about how he stalks those who choose to post things anonymously, I’ve been messing with him here (anonymously, of course)”

    In other words, you’ve been being an asshole.

    And Jeff has decided that life is too short to deal with assholes.

    Good on ya, Jeff.

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