No Curtis Martin?

Just read of the Pro Football Hall of Fame inductess, and while it’s impossible to mount a case against those who were elected (Believe me—Richard Dent was one helluva player), how the hell isn’t Curtis Martin an easy first-ballot selectee?

Sure, Martin never won a Super Bowl. But he’s the NFL’s fourth leading rusher; a guy who eclipsed 1,000 yards for his first 10 seasons; a player who never complained or whined or (like Neon Deion) played soft. Is Martin one of the 10 best running backs in league history? Probably not. But he’s in the discussion, and surely can be spoken of in the same breath as Marshall Faulk, who made it.

This one truly baffles me.

* Speaking of baffling—a word to the kind and endearing poster, Hugh Such (a fellow Mahopac High grad, I am sad to say.): I give you props for noticing the error in the Squirek column—which, FYI, was inserted after my submission (hey, mistakes happen on both sides). So you know, sometimes it takes an agonizingly long time to get an editor to change a mistake. I actually appreciate you pointing it out. And, rest assured, it will (I assume) be corrected (Awesome Rick Height reference, for the record. Fantastic).

* Another thought: Tomorrow, during a Super Bowl matchup that doesn’t much interest me, I’ll be doing ad analysis for the Wall Street Journal. Here are the details. For one four-hour span, I can call Olivia Munn a co-worker.  🙂

* Took my son to the Museum of Natural History today. Fantastic. My grandma used to take my brother and I when we were kids, and there’s something thrilling about walking those same halls with my tyke. Amazing place.

* Saw Mitch Albom getting some heat on Apparently he was asked by Delta’s magazine for his favorite thing about Detroit—and said this: “I can walk into a coffee shop and see people reading my work or clipping columns to mail away, to give their loved ones a piece of home. As a newspaper columnist, there is a real sense of the community embracing you as one of their own wordsmiths—and that’s one of the reasons I’ve never left.” Uh … yeah.

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