Gayle King: II

So I appeared on the Gayle King Show this morning, which is broadcast on radio and run as a program on Oprah’s new network.

This morning, for some inexplicable reason, I dashed out of the house in my ratty Nike running kicks from a couple of years back. I guess I figured, like most TV appearances, I’d be shot from the waist up. Or perhaps I wans’t thinking at all. Whatever the case, I looked pretty ratty.

But I’ll get to that. Arrived at King’s Manhattan studio at 9:30 am. Took the elevator up, was greeted by two secret service agents. Weird. Then I looked at the monitor—Nancy Pelosi was the in-studio guest. Sorta cool. I sat in the makeup room, my face caked in beige, listening to Pelosi and King. When that session wrapped up a producer said, “OK, Jeff—you’re up.” Walked behind a curtain, through a door—and there was Gayle King, sitting in a comfy chair, big mug to her side on a table. Pretty woman, extremely well-dressed. And I’m (glub) in my Nikes. Explained it to her, felt stupid. “This show is casual,” she said. “Don’t worry.”

I enjoy the TV experience, but the minute leading up to the blinking red light is sorta intense. Hands get sweaty. Fingers twitch. Then it starts, and—no biggie. Gayle’s question of the day was whether a one-night fling can lead to a lengthy relationship? She asked my take, and I made a lame-ish joke about never having one to know. She spotted my wedding ring and said, “Jeff is happily married, so …”

The interview lasted 10 minutes, and it was genuinely fun. Spoke about the column; about idiot anonymous posters slinging nastiness. She’s experienced similar instances, and seemed to relate. When the whole thing ended, Gayle shook my hand, said it was wonderful. A producer looked at me and said, “That was honestly my favorite segment of the year.” I felt great—though the year is but six weeks old.

Overall, good times.

Side thoughts:

• Christina Aguilera: She screwed up the National Anthem, which is never good. But—just being honest—the convo at my sister-in-law’s Super Bowl party was the looks. She’s gained weight, which happens. But sexy, sassy Christina Aguilera looks sorta old and haggard. Which also happens. Especially with the 2010 she had—husband gone, album tanks, movie tanks even worse. Amazing voice. (By the way, this comment appeared under the YouTube video: I like this video. All except that part where that blonde woman messes up the national anthem.)

• I caught a tad of Bill O’Reilly’s interview with the president yesterday. “Mr. president, they hate you. Hate!” Glub. I believe in tough questions, but show some respect for the presidency. The same respect you showed GWB.

• I am still impressed by the Packers overcoming so much adversity. They really overcame a lot. A lot. Really.