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The church is (often) crap

Not all churches, obviously. But I’m routinely amazed that millions of people listen to these people.

For example—gay marriage. Our planet is melting. Starvation grips much of Africa. The Middle East is a bastion of immoral behavior. On and on and on. Yet gay marriage—gay friggin’ marriage—is the big issue? People tend to debate gay marriage itself, without thinking a tad outside the box. Namely, why are we even talking about this right now? Any church worth its salt says, “OK, we don’t approve. But right now we’ve got 8,000 more pressing things to deal with. We’ll get back to you.”

Second, climate change. I’m waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and waiting for a preacher or rabbi or … anyone to step forward and say, “God created the earth—and we’re destroying it.” I mean, where are the so-called holy voices here? How can they waste their time with so many inanities while ignoring the pressing problem of our generation? The survival of the planet?

This might be my biggest problem with the farce that is (often) organized religion: Churches set the agendas, and their agendas are laughable.

OK, I feel better.