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The Packers’ adversity (and other stuff)

Just listened to a little bit of Aaron Rodgers’ interview with the NFL Network crew.

Not sure if y’all have heard about this, but the Packers overcame so much adversity this year.

Like injuries.

And … uh … well … yeah.


And … other, meh, stuff.

Seriously, of all the cliched babble out there, the we’ve-overcome-so-much-adversity line might be my all-time least favorite. OK, the Packers had a lot of injuries this season. So did the Jaguars, the Giants, the Saints, the Raiders and 70 percent of NFL teams. Hell, the Steelers lost their quarterback to a four-game suspension. The Bengals had to overcome the death of a receiver. The death.

So, while I know this is too much to ask, can Green Bay’s players please drop the line. Yes, you overcome some obstacles. But you also have a ton of talent and some great coaches.


• Other stuff:

* Was watching City Slickers tonight during Super Bowl commercials. Hadn’t seen the film in forever, and one of the final scenes really struck me. It comes at the airport, after the guys have returned from their adventure. Billy Crystal’s wife meets him, and he looks at her and says: “No, I’m not going to quit my job. I’m just going to do everything better.”

To which she responds, slyly, “Everything?”

I’ll translate: She’s referring to, bluntly, fucking. Which is an image nobody needs when it involves Billy Crystal. Bill laughing—great. Crying—OK. Dancing—wonderful. Having sex—eh, no.

* While flying a few months back I came across an airline magazine advertisement for a dating service called It’s Just Lunch. Back when I was lonely and single in Nashville in the mid-1990s, I tried a newspaper singles service once or twice. Worked out terribly. I also once went to an NYC singles bar called Drip, where you fill out forms and hope someone’s interested. I found no love—but actually met someone who remains a close friend. I’ve never used or or whatever … but I know many who have—to mixed results. It’s Just Lunch, however, struck me as It’s Just Friggin’ Stupid. So I finally got around to Googling the service. Classic, classic stuff—worth reading.

Here’s a sample review—one of a countless number just slamming the company …


It should be called “It’s just hell.” I plunked down my $1500 thinking that I would actually find someone who suited me — I’m a hard person to match. That said, they repeatedly hooked me up with a trail of losers.. flight attendants, 300 pound sportscasters (I hate sports and specified this), a lawyer who told me i had crossed eyes, a neurologist with a personality disorder.. the list goes on. I had it after 9 dates and decided to put my membership on hold because it was a waste of time. When I didn’t reactivate it after one year .. and decided that I wanted to try again about 18 months later, I was told that my membership expired as per my contract and I wasn’t entitled to more dates, even though they owed me 3 more. My opinion is that they didn’t get to know the clients, they had no idea who I was nor did they know the men any better. They gave me a questionnaire, took my photo and talked to me for 10 mins. I had no idea at the time that the people who talk to you work on commission and they’ll do everything possible to ensnare you. They won’t let you look at a book and see the people that are part of IJL already.. I don’t need to see photos or names, but a bio sketch would be helpful.. .. Anyway, once you’ve signed up, they just wait a month until it’s time for another date and randomly hook you up with some dude who is also due for another date. They have no idea if you’re a decent match and just chalk it up to luck if it works. is so much cheaper and an equal crap shoot.

EVEN UP TO NOW they call me all the time. I yell at them, hang up on them and they call me over and over. It’s ridiculous.