Dick of the Century (Me)

A couple of weeks ago a blogger named me his Dick of the Week.

Today, I feel like the Dick of the Century.

A couple of months ago I blogged about defriending a friend on Facebook. I gave my myriad reasons and, without using the person’s name in the post, explained this and that, this and that. To be honest, I thought little of the post at the time. The friend and I had exchanged some barbs through the years via Facebook, and—again, at the time—I thought what I was writing here sort of fit into that realm.

I am the Dick of the Century.

First off, I just re-read the post (now deleted), and I was wrong. I went waaaaaay too far, left zero wiggle room from lightheartedness. Just a dickish, dickish post with no redeeming value. Furthermore, shortly after I wrote it my wife literally said to me, “You should take that down.” I ignored her, without even re-reading my words. Had I, I would have followed her advice.

To say I am sorry is a huge understatement. I am disgusted with myself, and heartbroken for the person I insulted. A few minutes ago I finished teaching my morning journalism class at Manhattanville College. One of the key components of the course is this idea of grasping the power of words; of measuing each sentence, and being certain what you write is the idea you want expressed.

Here, I failed miserably.

With respect to the person I offended, I won’t use names. But I apologize profusely (times 1000,000), and fear I irreconcilably damaged some relationships.

I need to grow up.

PS: This does not warrant ANY “I appreciate you taking responsibility …” comments. I was so wrong here, there is no right.

9 thoughts on “Dick of the Century (Me)”

  1. Jeff – not there are any excuses, but could your, at the time, upcoming deadline played into it? I’ve noticed a much lighter tone in your blog since January 1, and I just wonder if that played into it.

    1. No excuses—but it’s an interesting overall observation. And a fair one. During that final stretch, I was living in a cave and extremely agitated. But that has nothing to do with this. This was me being an ass.

  2. Everyone makes big mistakes at least every now and then, very few calls themselves out on it. I’m going to save this post to remind myself of the bravery I’ll need when I do. No props on the egregiously insensitive mistake, but mad props on the uptake.

    And Greg, stop being an ass, telling other people they’re an ass for being sensitive to other people.

  3. Enjoyed the Will Clark story.

    Do you realize how many guys you’ve offended in the last year? Between the Stanley Roberts writer, the facebook ex-friend, who knows who else…it’s a sorta long list.

    What I admire about you is you come out and write, hey, I made a mistake, my bad, genuine apology.

    Would love more basketball-related articles.

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