As worthy as it gets

Learned today that Jon Wertheim, my good friend and former SI colleague, is going to be on this coming week’s New York Times best-seller’s list.

Jon’s book, Scorecasting, is fantastic. A genuine must-read for any sports fan (Here’s the Amazon link).

I’m not just saying this because we’re close—you could not ask for a better person. Literally, I’ve never met anyone in the business who has a bad thing to say about Jon. Just a good guy, excellent writer, unbelievable reporter. Extremely thrilled for the man.

I’ve written this before, but Jon and I go back to our early days at SI, working as reporters, scrapping for stories. Three of us—Jon, myself and Grant Wahl—sort of moved up the ranks together, and I’ve always felt something of a kinship from the experience. In 1999, I actually met my wife Catherine at Jon’s wedding. She was the maid of honor. I was a fringe guest—work friend. Now, our daughters are best friends. As are our wives. Yadda, dadda, dadda …

Babbling. I’m as happy for Jon as I would be for myself. Just a great, great thing.

PS: Jon was unable to attend the Varsity Letters event last week, but he wrote something to be read. Here you go:

4 thoughts on “As worthy as it gets”

  1. Sportswriting Refugee

    Jeff, I’m curious – since you love the book – if it has changed your thoughts at all regarding advanced metrics and statistics in sports. Maybe I’m wrong, but it seems you generally seem to brush them off in baseball, and that surprises me considering how analytical you are otherwise.

  2. im reading the bookn my kindle these days. cant put it down. someone should take the book to the mets and see if they could utilize any of this.

    the story about the hs coach that never punts and kicks field goals and always does onside kicks is awesome.

    great read. its like freakanomics meets tipping point meets moneyball.

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