Bathroom blues

Just went to the bathroom here in Cosi. Walk in, a small puddle of piss on the floor beneath the toilet.

What to do?

As I see it, there are multiple options (if you’re poopin’—as my son would say):

1. Sit down and ignore the puddle.

2. Roll the bottom of your pants as high as possible, spread your feet and try forming a leg bridge over the puddle.

3. Take a rolled-up piece of toilet paper, clean the pee, flush, then do your biz.

I’m normall conflicted. My genetic makeup somehow never allows me to simply ignore the puddle, so I either roll the pants or wipe the piss. Either way, it’s a nasty experience—which leads me to wonder why guys can’t just friggin’ piss in the toilet without missing or (gasp!) clean up after themselves. Seriously, if you piss on the floor, why not just wipe it up? It’s your friggin’ puddle.

OK, back to work.

4 thoughts on “Bathroom blues”

  1. Rachel….Ha! I never knew. Anyway, Jeff, sometimes we expect too much of our fellow men. Common courtesy has went the way of the dodos, even here in small town Indiana….

  2. you guys are right, common courtesy is extinct at this point…then again it is hard to keep these places clean 24/7. I mean the fact some 6 year old is allowed to go to the john before Jeff, pull down his spidey undies, and let it flow all over, that’s just wrong…I promise never to do it again…

  3. Kid? Drunk? Old man with a prostrate problem? Special needs person? Jerk? Who knows who did it.
    Unless you’re talking small pond, just pee.

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