Century Star Fuel: The Worst Customer Service I Have Ever Experienced

I live in New York. The wife and I used to use an oil company that way overchanged. We probably should have picked up on this early on when, in exchange for hiring them, they supplied us with free steak. Alas, we weren’t so wise.

Eventually we switched to Century Star Fuel Company. We had been told they do good work.

A couple of weeks ago I noticed our hot water heater was leaking. Like all good home owners, I ignored the problem for a spell until (oddly) it didn’t merely go away by magic. Four days ago I called Century Star about the issue. Nobody was there, so I left a message with the answering service.

Never heard back.

Three days ago I called again. They said someone would be by that evening.

Nobody came.

I called the next morning, and I was promised a person would come between 1-5 pm. We waited and waited—nobody came.

I called last night to complain, and they promised me a person would be by by 9 am this morning.

It’s now 10:38 am. I’ve called twice—nothing.

Let me make this clear: The absolute worst customer service I have ever experienced. Ever. If you are looking for an oil company, and you decide to go with Century Star, you are—literally—on crack, curled up on the ball in the corner of an abandoned building, un-showered and unfed, craving that next hit of rock. You don’t have your senses. All you’re thinking is crack-crack-crack-crack—so you just hire Century Star because your brain is malfunctioning.

Pathetic. If you live in New York, honor me and other crackheads by spreading the word …

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  1. I use Century Star. I have to say that considering the prices that we pay for the oil (cheap — through Heat USA) the service is quite good. I’m not quite confident in the Cheech and Chong crew that comes around for the annual maintenance, but the repair guys are good, and the company is responsive. I don’t understand how the original poster is getting no response. I’ve been with them two years now and have never experienced this. Plus they’ve been very understanding about payments that were… let’s say …. umm. not exactly on time.

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