Today’s column …

… is a continuation of Landry Fields.

When I profiled him for the Wall Street Journal last week I felt as if I’d left a lot in the ol’ notebook. The guy is a true gem of a find. If I could write about guys like this every day, I’d be euphoric.

2 thoughts on “Today’s column …”

  1. “If I could write about guys like this every day…………” but they don’t exist in any quantity.

    The overwhelming majority of professional athletes are blessed athletically but not intellectually.

    Then again, writers ask the dumbest questions about events that don’t merit in-depth analysis but do beg for a cliche-laden answer, i.e., “What do you think of your opponent next week?”

    Who gives a f**k what the answer would be?

    Who cares what pitch was thrown on a 3-2 pitch in the 7th inning to strike the batter out?

    What did you think of so-and-so’ performance? (Of course, when Tommy Lasorda was asked this about Dave Kingman’s 3HR game against him, this one did elicit a classic response.)

    Outside of a Barkley or Seaver when he describes the art of pitching (which can be a little pedantic unless you have a child you are grooming as a pitcher,) these guys aren’t very interesting.

    Nothing is more mundane than listening to an active athlete being interviewed.

  2. And, as enjoyable as Landry Fields is, they’ll probably give him up to get Carmelo, who is just a bucket of brilliance to listen to.

    (I wouldn’t blame the Knicks, but Fields is one of the few athletes that are actually engaging.)

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