Norma and the economy

My lazy dog likes sleeping atop clean laundry. Which sorta sucks, because it’s clean and a dog is never clean. I know people say, “Oh, dogs are cleaner than humans,” but I’ve never seen a human sniff/lick another human’s anus (Well, I suppose it happens. But not to me, gladly).

I digress. Was listening to Paul Ryan, Wisconsin representative, rip President Obama on Fox this morning, and while I am certainly not beyond ripping a commander in chief, Ryan—a great GOP hope—seems to be quite the fool. He was arguing for spending cuts to such programs/agencies as the EPA, police departments, etc. And when Chris Wallace, the host, asked, “How does this all help the economy?” his response began with, “It sends a message to businesses …”

Which is a humiliatingly sad way to start such a response. The whole “Send a message to businesses …” mantra began with Ronald Reagan, who believed that if the government, “Sends a message to businesses,” those businesses would respond with hiring and some genre of magical fiscal distribution (Not socialism! Definitely not socialism!).

Problem is, it doesn’t work. I hate to say it, but a government often has to kick start the economy by having money circulated. I like the recently proposed rail system, because it’s needed and it genuinely creates jobs. But to the GOP, that solely symbolzied government spending. Which we don’t want. Under any circumstances. Ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever …


Here’s the thing: Whenever I hear the Republicans talk about cuts, I think a lot of their middle- and lower-class followers forget that “cuts” translates to “job reduction.” Meaning, if the EPa (for example) loses $3 billion of its budget, well, that money pays for, among other things, gigs. Lots and lots of gigs. On paper, or on a screen, listing areas of reduction looks good. We wanna get rid of this and this and this. But getting rid of this and this and this means getting rid of that job and that job and that job.

And, last I checked, people like their jobs.

Or at least having one.

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  1. one facet that never ever truly gets challenged by either party…cuts to government agencies that doesn’t have to cut people. Remember the examples of $500 hammer or the $3000 toilets? I’m sure I’m off but there is enough fat in taking care of friends’ businesses over the decades with sweet pricing contracts and such. Business teachings need to be put in play with the gov’t, not the other way around.

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