Christina Aguilera and the worst year ever

So I just saw on some news site that, toward the end of an Aretha tribute at tonight’s Grammy’s, Christina Aguilera tripped.

Indeed, the above video confirms such.

I don’t know Aguilera and I’m not even much of a fan of her music. But, man, what a shitty year. To recap:

1. She and her husband split.

2. Her CD completely and totally bombs.

3. Because her CD completely and totally bombs, her tour is all but cancelled (I think she kept a few dates—but not many).

4. She stars in a movie, Burlesque, that bombs even worse than her CD.

5. She botches the words to the National Anthem.

6. She trips at the Grammy’s.

Making matters worse, Aguilera has gained a substantial amount of weight. Which isn’t a big deal at all—unless you’re in a profession that:

A. Is as deep as a dime.

B. Spits out its own once they reach their 30s (especially women).

Aguilera, once a teen darling, turns 31 this December. In human years, she’s young. In pop years, she’s Grandma Millie. It’s just hard to hang  and keep up, especially if you’re into experimenting (musically) and not merely going along with the latest trends.


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  1. Normally I would be experiencing deep feelings of schadenfreude at Ms. Aguilera’s misfortunes, but I find myself feeling sorry for her. While I thought her singing of the national anthem at the super bowl was execreble (her styling, not the botched lyrics), I hope things turn around for her. On the other hand, should Eldrick Woods slip on a pile of spit and break his wrist and hip in multiple places, I’d be dancing in the streets.

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