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Lady Gaga in an egg

So I just read that Lady GaGa arrived at tonight’s Grammy’s encased in an egg.


I always find it funny how certain performers “shock” us. They do “crazy” things, and the next day we (certain media outlets) talk it up. Oh my God! Holy cow! Can you believe [he/she] did [ate a ball of dogshit/appeared naked with a snake/kissed someone’s hairy anus/danced in a puddle of spit]. The buzz grows and grows and grows and grows, until we find the next thing to be shocked over.

So stupid.

Truth is, we are limited by the constraints of humanity. We can’t grow wings, attain Superman-esque strength, piss into the sky or walk to Saturn. The best we can do is, apparently, arrive at the Grammy’s encased in an egg. Which is sorta funny, I suppose.

But far from shocking.

Also, along those lines: Have you ever actually watched someone slide into an egg? I haven’t, but I have seen the lights turned off at the end of a World Series game. I’ve seen a PA announcer turn on his mic. I’ve watched ballplayers in the moments before taking a field, when then fart and burp and scratch themselves. Really, the show is just a show … a moment’s escape from reality.