Were I a business, I’d hire Bob Sollish …

… based off of this insanely funny and well-done video.

Looooooooooove it.

Someone I know sent me the link to his Bob Sollish’s website. I don’t know Bob, I’ve never heard of Bob, I don’t even know if Bob is good at being a director of technology. Hell, I don’t even know what a director of technology does.

But in these rough times, where landing a job often seems impossible and corporations and politicians callously brag about cutbacks (as if they deserve props for ending employment opportunities), a person’s gotta do what a person’s gotta do. I am actually the son of a (semi-retired) executive recruiter. If there’s one piece of business advice my dad offered through the years that works, it’s the idea of making yourself stand out; of separating yourself from the crowd; of placing your name in neon lights without using neon lights. The best cover letter I’ve ever seen was written by a friend, Greg Orlando, who years ago was applying for a summer internship at The Tennessean. He didn’t write the standard blather about “I can contribute this …” or “If given the chance, I’ll …” No, Greg’s letter was, in essence, a list of everything he couldn’t do. I can’t dance. I can’t name six songs by Men Without Hats. I can’t write with my left hand, I can’t bake a decent cheesecake, I can’t … on and on and on. Then, at the end, he wrote something along the lines of, “The one thing I can do is write …” It was spectacular, and he landed the opening.

Along those lines, Bob Sollish scores big.

Good luck, Bob. I’m pulling for you.

PS: Here’s his resume. No charge, Bob.