The worst sports rap ever …

… is Get Metsmerized, which the ’86 Mets recorded.

I wrote at length about this in The Bad Guys Won! but I’ve never seen it available for mass consumption (and eventual regurgiation). Big ups to The Big Lead for pointing out its existence.

Quick back story: The song was the idea of George Foster, who had a long history of going for get-rich-quick schemes. He snagged a bunch of teammates with promises of riches, then hired his nanny as one of the backup singers. When I researched the book, I tracked down all the names from the album cover. The general consensus: Holy cow—that sucked.

Which it did. Like, it really did.

But, in hindsight, it’s pretty funny.

Best part—the Mets refused to sell the album at shea Stadium. So of the, oh, 1,000 printed records, a whopping 80 or so sold.

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