Today’s column …

… is about Bernie Madoff, and those accusing the Wilpons of taking fans for a ride.

4 thoughts on “Today’s column …”

  1. Tried to read the SI column but a picture of a woman in a bikini popped up. Drool gummed up my keyboard, what a mess.
    Thanks for posting the link here I bypassed the home page.
    PS I agree with you

  2. Well said. It has also been said that Americans worship success yet hate successful people.
    Madoff has earned his fate. But the Wilpons are guilty of nothing more than being human.

  3. Funny that you mentioned Christina’s stumble and also posted video on your blog.

    You are wrong again in one aspect: we don’t judge rich and famous … we condemn those we don’t like.

    Look back over your own blog at the people you’ve trashed. It’s not just rich or famous – it’s people who do things or vote in certain ways or write or email stuff that you just don’t like, so you lash out. It’s the human condition.

    Here’s a challenge: write an article about what we SHOULD do. How should we treat (write about) those with whom we disagree? should we just overlook everything? Should we be angry in proportion to the evil we think they’re doing? What do you suggest?

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