Cigarette behind the ear

Am sitting in a Rye Brook, N.Y. Starbucks, using some time between classes.

A couple of minutes I noticed a guy with a cigarette sticking out from behind his ear.

I don’t care whether you smoke or don’t smoke, chew or don’t chew, eat peas or don’t eat peas. But, for the love of God, never, ever, ever keep a cigarette tucked behind your ear. Man, it’s the dumbest-looking thing of all time. An advertisement screaming NOT ONLY AM I DUMB ENOUGH TO GIVE MYSELF CANCER—I KEEP THE STICK RIGHT HERE!

Also, it’s one of those things that’s supposed to look casual and almost accidental, but is anything but. To shove a cigarette behind a lobe takes work—and thought. You’re literally trying to say, “I smoke, and I keep this cigarette behind the ear. Check me out, yo.” Ugh.

On other note, I’m going through the editing process of my book. Never easy. I know some writers, the great Peter Richmond being one, who doesn’t stress this phase. I, on the other hand, lose my mind. When you spend two full years working on a book, as I have on my forthcoming Meeno! The Meeno Peluce Story, every word matters … every detail took time to uncover. There’s one point in this book where I tracked down the name of a long-since-dead dog whose role in the passage was largely inconsequential. But I wanted the canine’s name … needed it … had to have it.

To then see it removed, well, it stings.

Final note: 4:20 guest speaker in my journalism class—Selena Roberts. Very excited.

5 thoughts on “Cigarette behind the ear”

  1. Growing up, I always liked this picture of my dad in his college album of him with a cigarette behind his ear. Thought he looked cool. Only later did I realize it was a joint. Thought he looked cooler.

    I’ve taken to placing pretzel sticks behind my ear.

  2. Keith Ryan Cartwright

    Must not have stung all that bad or you would have included the nameless canine’s name in the blog. That way at least we’d know his name when we get that part of The Meeno Peluce Story.

  3. The smoke behind the ear is indeed an awful look. But Jeff, although smoking does cause cancer, it’s not nearly as unhealthy as the dietary habits of most Americans. I live in a country where 40% of the men and 30% of the women smoke regularly, yet the life expectancy here is higher than the US. This is due to a healthy diet.

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