Sexual Healing/Everything is Everything

Random post—Sexual Healing is an absolutely amazing Marvin Gaye song. I feel as if it gets lost in his vast catalogue of songs, and because to came toward the end of his life. But, man, the vocals are just insane. Like, insanely insane.

I have that tune on a bunch of mixes, and sometimes my little kids are in the car when it plays. I try and fast forward or talk over the suggestive stuff, because I love having them hear killer hooks and grooves.

Along those lines, my kids have started to appreciate Lauryn Hill, which gives me great joy. We play Everything is Everything all the time, and they dig it. Even my son, who likes nothing to do with “girls.” When Lauryn starts rapping midway through … just a viciously, insanely, remarkably kick-ass song of unrivaled bliss and greatness.

It pains me how Lauryn sorta went away, because she was queen of all music for a spell.