The SI Swimsuit Issue arrived in the mail today. My 7-year-old daughter picked it up and began admiring the pretty bathing suits. I was sorta OK with this/sorta disturbed by this. My wife, rightly, was not pleased. The issue is now in the garbage.

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve hated the Swimsuit Issue. Growing up, it was because SI, to me, was for sports, not 90-pound women in bathing suits. Now, as an adult, it’s more than that. Why do I hate the Swimsuit Issue?

Because it’s just not right.

I know it makes a lot of money, and I know it makes men feel happy, and I know … I know … I know. But in the current issue, there’s a section devoted to women athletes in bathing suits. Those pictured are Leryn Franco, a javelin thrower, Bruna Schmitz, a surfer and Kim Glass, a volleyball player. All are extremely pretty and, in their sports, extremely successful. Which begs the question: Why is this the first time I’m hearing about them?

As a colleague mentioned to me earlier today, if SI wants to continue with the Swimsuit Issue, well, whatever. But if you’re gonna make all this money presenting women as objects, how about devoting more of the other issues to women’s sports. I’ve always had this criticism of SI—save for Olympic years, the coverage of women’s athletics is sub-minimal. I know the WNBA sorta sucks (sorry, but it does), but how about some women’s college hoops? Women’s softball? Lax? Field hockey? There are many genuinely dazzling women athletes out there to cover. Yet the magazine—my magazine—primarily turns to women when February comes, and we need a big pair of breasts to bulge from the cover.

I write this because I love SI, and I believe in the product. Again, I understand the Swimsuit Issue, and get the profits outweighing certain fabrics of taste. But where the magazine fails in gender issues isn’t one week—it’s the other 52.

PS: Also, just keeping it real—some of the women in this issue look like they’re 14. Cintia Dicker is probably a nice person. But, well, you be the judge.

PPS: Several years ago, when I was a staffer, I was sent to Colorado to go on a shoot with Molly Sims. I liked Molly; enjoyed her company. But when I saw them place the “chicken cutlet” in her bathing suit to boost her boobs, well, it was sorta like seeing the man behind the Wizard curtain.

7 thoughts on “Ew”

  1. When do we get “Better Homes and Gardens” does a “Men In Speedo’s issue”?
    I agree.
    The swimsuit issue would keep me from getting a subscription.

  2. Like it or not there really isn’t that much interest in womens sports until the ice skating competition in the Olympics or Gymnastics.

    The only women who recieve any atttention what so ever in SI are women tennis players.

    The networks are certainly not very interested in womens sports. How often do you see women’s college basketball on espn.

    I am not sure how you garner attention for womens sports on televison or in SI.

    I have a feeling that the majority of women that are sports fans don’t care about womens sports.

  3. If you don’t want the swimsuit issue, you can contact SI a month or so before, decline the issue, and SI will add an issue or two to your subscription. That’s what I do.

  4. Let’s see Mr. Pearlman, you don’t like looking at pictures of beautiful women and you blog all the time about gay rights…..are you on the verge of coming out of the closet?
    Don’t worry……we’ll still read your blog.

  5. Maybe you are kidding, but seriously, you’re jumping to him being gay?

    It sounds like he actually gives a shit about people/women. Makes me happy for your wife.

    I love sports, but I’ve never understood the swimsuit edition, and it’s really refreshing to hear a man, especially one who is a sportswriter, post something like this.

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