Phil Collins Day

So yesterday was apparently the Phil Collins Day Parade in Brooklyn.

Mike Lewis (whose blog kicks ass) showed me the above video, and while it’s neither funny nor agitating, it is … odd.

Here’s some background.

I actually was thinking of Phil Collins recently, though not for a very good reason. I was at the gym working out when this video appeared on the TV …

I thought to myself, with zero irony, “Holy cow—this might be the dumbest video ever.” It features all the elements of bad ’80s mojo: Mediocre camera work, subpar lipsynching, stupid one-liner at the end. Just insanely, insanely bad. As I watched it, I didn’t think about the song, but about Collins standing in these different cities, taking five minutes out of his life to mouth the words of perhaps his worst song. Couldn’t have been especially fun.

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